Markell addresses CT school shootings in weekly speech

By Frank Gerace 3:07am, December 22, 2012
Governor Jack Markell (D)
The focus of this week's address by Governor Markell was how to prevent a tragedy like Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings from happening in Delaware.

In the speech, broadcast on WDEL, Markell said one step toward prevention is increasing access to treatment for the mentally ill, and another is improving the safety of Delaware's schools.

"This year, we created a new statewide protocol for comprehensive school safety plans in every public school. Working with the Department of Safety and Homeland Security, and with local emergency responders, schools are now in the process of creating those plans, and we need to make sure that we complete the effort."

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Markell also called for laws toughening enforcement of state gun laws, including provisions designed to keep people with certain mental illnesses from getting guns.

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