Markell sworn in for 2nd term

By Amy Cherry 2:41pm, January 15, 2013 - Updated 3:37pm, January 15, 2013
Watch highlights from Gov. Markell's second inaugural address.
Governor Markell begins his second term following his inauguration at Central Middle School in Dover.

WDEL's Amy Cherry has more.

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"The obligations of this office remain solemn and serious," says Gov. Markell.

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That said, Governor Markell used his second inaugural address to highlight the achievements of his first term.

"By modernizing our energy infrastructure, in four years Delaware has moved from one of the dirtiest energy mixes to the one of the cleanest," Markell says.

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He also points to strides in education.

"We create an ambitious plan to strengthen our schools, a plan to race to the top, and we're going to win that race," Markell says.

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As expected, his second inaugural address didn't focus much on policy; he'll save those ideas for the State of the State Thursday. But we did see one possible allusion to gay marriage in Delaware in the future.

"Delaware's also moved in four short years to put an end to legal discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and to extend the protection of the law to all committed couples," Markell says.

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Markell's State of the State Address will air live on WDEL on Thursday at 2pm. The following week, Markell makes his budget address, where we'll find out how he plans to pay for some of the ideals set forth in his State of the State Address.

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