Del. corrections officer competing on "Dancing with the Stars"

By Tom Lehman 10:22am, January 21, 2013
A correctional officer from Dover will be among those competing in this weekend's Dancing with the Delaware Stars competition.

Glenenise Park, who works at the James Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna, says the routine she and her partner are performing has some elements of ballroom dancing but she's keeping tight-lipped on what it might look like.

"We're keeping it under wraps; it's a secret, but it is a fun dance that we've chosen to do. It incorporates a little bit of what I do as far as the song choice that we came up with, it incorporates what I do," says Park.

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She hopes to impress the judges.

"We both have two different flavors, two different styles so we had to bring that both together, and we kinda meshed the two systems that we have and put it together in our dance and so it'll be great," says Park.

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You can see Park and all the participants in Dancing with the Delaware Stars perform at 8 Saturday night at Mom's House in Dover, a non-profit that offers childcare services to single parents continuing their education.

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