Founder of SussexCo mentoring gets lifetime achievement award

By Amy Cherry 4:30pm, January 23, 2013
John Hollis
A retired Sussex County school administrator, who founded a beneficial mentoring program, receives a lifetime achievement award.

WDEL's Amy Cherry reports.

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In a word of two, John Hollis says life without mentoring would be.

"Much emptier," he says.

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He is this year's recipient of the Robert A. Kasey Lifetime Achievement Award at the fourth annual Mentoring Works Summit in Dover.

37 years ago, Hollis created Sussex County's pre-college mentoring program that starts with students in the sixth grade.

"We work with them through high school graduation, encouraging them to do well on their grades, and set goals, and prepare themselves to go onto college," says Hollis.

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He calls the experience one-of-a-kind.

"This is like scoring a hole-in-one every time out, so it's just invaluable, and I think as I get older, it just provides a sense of self-fulfillment through the accomplishments of other people that you just can't duplicate," says Hollis.

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