Students encouraged to read for a good cause

By Jeanette Halliburton 4:20pm, January 29, 2013 - Updated 4:39pm, January 29, 2013
Ainsley Hertrich with the Del. chapter of the Nat'l MS Society tells WDEL more about Readathon.
Mount Pleasant Elementary School's principal has promised her students that if they read 3,000 pages, she'll become a human ice cream sundae.

The Delaware chapter of the National MS Society will give out trophies to the students who read the most pages, books,and raise the most money.

Local Readathon Coordinator Ainsley Hertrich is encouraging the students of Mount Pleasant to start reading so they can start winning prizes.

"I think by offering them you know prizes, giving them incentives and making it a school wide program so that every student is doing it. I think that would definitely motivate students to read," says Hertrich.

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Last year, the Readathon campaign raised $30,000 nationally for MS research. Hanby Elementary School was the school that raised the most money, raking in more than $7,300 for the cause.

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