Gusty winds, thunderstorm coming our way

By Mellany Armstrong 10:28am, January 30, 2013
A violent storm system is blasting through the South and Central part of the country, and we are feeling some of the effects of it here in Delaware.

AccuWeather meteorologist Joe Lundberg says watch out.

"This is a powerful storm system that's going to get even more so. There's a lot of wind right now anywhere from the Gulf coast all the way up into the Ohio Valley, and it's just a matter of time before that wind is translated down to the surface here in our area, and once it does, temperatures uniformly go into the fifties everywhere, and then keep going into the sixties today. I think in most communities, we'll get over 60 this afternoon," says Lundberg.

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You can expect a gusty thunderstorm tonight before it all moves out tomorrow. Stay with WDEL for the very latest on this storm threat with your WDEL Delaware AccuWeather forecast.

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