Governor Markell praises state's efforts to boost education

By Jim Hilgen 9:22am, February 2, 2013 - Updated 9:26am, February 2, 2013
Governor Jack Markell continues to talk up strengthening education in Delaware.

In his weekly address, broadcast on WDEL, the governor says state education officials are taking major strides toward improving students' chances to succeed.

"We continue exploring ways to better recruit and keep great teachers because as I said in the State of the State Address, it takes great teachers to keep up with our young learners."

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Markell says preparing Delaware's children for future success needs to be the main focus of educators.

He says the key to that success getting input from great teachers.

"Our teachers know what they need to succeed. We know teachers need to be heard, which is why we recently launched TELL Delaware, an online, anonymous survey for educators and administrators."

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Markell says the state is launching great educational programs like enrolling kindergartners and first-graders in classes teaching Spanish and Chinese.

He adds that he expects great things to come from national assessment testing which student will be taking between now and March 8.

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