UD football announces 13 high school recruits

By Tom Lehman 6:40pm, February 6, 2013 - Updated 10:39pm, February 6, 2013
Delaware Football Coach Dave Brock announces the thirteen high school recruits joining the team
Thirteen high school recruits will join the ranks of the University of Delaware's football team.

Delaware football coach Dave Brock announced the names of the incoming football recruits during a Wednesday press conference.

Brock, who was hired in mid-January, admitted that the recruiting work had been primarily carried out by former K.C. Keeler.

"Travelling around and meeting people who've been committed to Delaware for the first time, sometimes almost like cold calls, having never met the prospect or the parents," Brock says.

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Despite having little involvement in the recruiting process, Brock says he's looking forward to the upcoming season.

"I'm excited not only about their future in the program but I'm really excited about the future of the Delaware football program, going forward," he says.

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Only two recruits who had given verbal commitments to Delaware did not sign national letters of intent Tuesday, Brock says.

Among those recruited by Delaware was Kyle Yocum, a quarterback from Reading Pa., who attended Exeter High School.

"Really, really impressive person. Has a good skill set, terrific arm, he can move. He is a great addition to the program," Brock says.

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Also recruited was Cedric Udegbe of Minneola, Fla., who lived in Germany and was coached by former Blue Hen All-American wide receiver Aaron Love.

Although none of the recruits are from Delaware, Brock announced Eric Patton, who was attending Delaware Technical Community College and played football for St. Elizabeth High School in Wilmington will be among the transfers joining the program. He'll have freshman eligibility.

Jordan Thomas, who attended Rutgers, and Kennedy Ogbonna, who attended ASA Community College will be joining the program. Both will have junior eligibility.

Incoming freshmen:

Transfers/Enrolled Students:

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