Gunman in courthouse shooting took his own life

By Amy Cherry 6:57pm, February 12, 2013
The gunman in Monday's courthouse shooting in Wilmington fired a fatal shot to his own head.

The medical examiner's office has ruled 68-year-old Thomas Matusiewicz of Texas died of suicide after he engaged in a gun battle with Capitol Police Officers Michael Manley and Steven Rinehart, who were saved by their bullet-proof vests.

Matusiewicz took his own life, but not before killing his daughter-in-law, Christine Belford, and her neighbor, Laura Mulford. The Newark women were fatally shot in the chest.

State Police say Matusiewicz's son David was already inside the NCCo courthouse for a child support hearing when the shooting happened.

David Matusiewicz is now being held pending a hearing on a violation of his probation.

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