Money can buy love, or at least a date on Valentine's Day

By Amy Cherry 9:12am, February 14, 2013
Just how far would you go for a Valentine's Day date?

WDEL's Amy Cherry has the story.

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What's Your Price bills itself as the world's only online dating auction site, saying men already bid on women for charity, now why not do it for love? And apparently lots of people are.

"2,400 Philadelphia men actually paid women to be their Valentine for Valentine's Day," says Leroy Velasquez with What's Your Price.

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He tells WDEL men are bidding quite a bit--just to get women to go out with them, and that bid is just for the opportunity not for the date itself.

"So the average price offered was $131.70, which was actually much more than the annual average with was $80," says Velasquez.

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Velasquez explains how it works.

"When a man or woman offers the money for a first date, the other person has three options. They can either: accept, reject, or counteroffer. We count the number of accepted offers."

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And with nearly a half-million members, the offers are vast. He says no one wants to be alone on Valentine's Day.

"The common misconception is that Valentine's Day is a holiday meant for just couples, but clearly, in some cities, including Philadelphia, singles are just as sentimental when it comes to Valentine's Day," he says.

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And it's not JUST men willing to shell out the big bucks to ensure they're not alone on the hallmark holiday.

"We did find an increase in women paying for first dates, but it wasn't as distinct as men paying for a Valentine," says Velasquez.

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Some singles paid nearly $300 just to ensure they're not sitting home alone on Valentine's Day, and remember, that doesn't include the price of dinner.

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