Markell not thrilled by Port of Wilm. controversy

By Amy Cherry 5:56pm, February 28, 2013
The potential privatization of operations at the Port of Wilmington has become a political controversy, and Governor Markell says he's not happy with the way it's all played out.

"I think the way this happened, I don't think it sends a great signal to Kinder Morgan. How it all shakes out still is to be determined, but we're working on it, and we're working on because it's important that we figure out whether there are other ways that require less support from taxpayers to make sure that the Port stays viable and strong," Markell says.

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Markell says he understands that legislators wanted more oversight into any potential deal with Kinder Morgan, since the Port is a state asset they've poured a lot of money into over the years.

But Markell says Kinder Morgan is $100 billion company that operates more than 150 ports already, and he says the deal is a good one for state taxpayers.

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