Unpaid property taxes

By Jim Hilgen 8:18am, March 17, 2013
Delaware lawmakers are considering a new system to allow school districts and counties to secure unpaid property taxes from a person's income tax refund.

WBOC-TV reports unpaid property taxes cost Delaware schools millions of dollars.

Lawmakers say Indian River School District is owed $2.9 million in unpaid taxes.

Capital School District in Dover is missing about $2 million in property taxes from the past three years. Laurel School District is owed $700,000.

School districts say they need all the funding they are owed as other sources of funding are cut.

A tax intercept system is already used to retrieve funding for debts such as child support.

A bill could see a vote in the state House of Representatives next week. Last year, a similar bill stalled in the Senate.

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