Bioscience community reacts to AstraZeneca cuts

By Amy Cherry 2:03pm, March 18, 2013
The bioscience community isn't shocked that AstraZeneca is consolidating their research and development efforts, but the number of layoffs is taking some by surprise.

Bob Dayton, President of the Delaware BioScience Association tells WDEL they're holding their sixth career fair Wednesday from 3-7pm in Newark that could help some of the people who are being laid off at AstraZeneca.

"I think we're going to be able to help some folks out. This was just ironic, the timing here...we didn't know anything. But we do this annually. It's a way for Delaware Bio to connect people with employers here," says Dayton.

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The career fair, being held at the Delaware Biotechnology Institute, features up to a dozen big-name biotech companies including Agilent Technologies, QPS, and Incyte.

For more information, visit Delaware Bio.

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