Sheriff says court setback expected, appeal is planned

By Mark Fowser 12:57pm, March 20, 2013
The sheriff of Sussex County says his fight for power is not over.

Superior Court Judge Henley Graves ruled Tuesday against the sheriff - saying the state constitution does NOT give him police powers.

But Sheriff Jeff Christopher tells our sister station - Delaware 105.9 - that he's not giving up....

"And I'm so sick and tired of people telling me that the sheriff is seeking the county police, and I've said it repeatedly that I'm not seeking the county police. There is a role for a constitutionally empowered sheriff, there had been for hundreds of years, even before the State Police even came along. For someone to say the sheriffs never had powers of arrest is ridiculous," says Christopher.

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Christopher maintains he has the Constitution on his side.

"This is not about Jeff Christopher. This is about the office of the sheriff. The people, something that they have to depend on when there's a tyrannical movement, a fritz. Can anybody deny that, that that's happened from the federal and state level?" asks Christopher.

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Judge Graves also ruled in favor of state lawmakers, who passed a law last year barring sheriffs and their deputies in Delaware from making arrests.

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