Judge: Del. officials violating inmate's rights

By Randall Chase, The Associated Pr 2:49pm, March 21, 2013
A judge has ordered Delaware prison officials to relocate a criminal defendant being held in maximum security, saying they're violating his constitutional rights.

William Sells is awaiting trial on multiple charges of attempted murder and other crimes stemming from a 2011 robbery spree that ended in a standoff at a motel near Dover.

Sells is being in lieu of $655,000 secured bond.

Sells asked a judge reduce his bail and to move him out of a secured housing unit, or SHU, into the general population, saying prison restrictions on attorney-client visits within the SHU violate his constitutional rights.

The judge this week refused to reduce Sells' bail but agreed that restricting the ability of a prisoner facing serious criminal charges to meet with an attorney violates his constitutional rights.

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