Blue Hens staying loose before the big game

By Sean Greene 6:01pm, March 29, 2013
VIDEO: Blue Hens on a pre-practice present for a coach, and Trumae Lucas' tattoo
If Delaware is nervous going into Saturday afternoon's game against Kentucky, they're doing a great job of hiding it.

While Head Coach Tina Martin and players Elena Delle Donne, Trumae Lucas, and Danielle Parker were fulfilling media obligations before their 90 minute practice Friday, the rest of the team were in the locker room working hard, too. They were creating pre-wrap jewelry for Associate Head Coach Jeanine Radice to wear during practice.

It should come as no surprise as this is the same team that had a coach do a "water angel" after a missed Gatorade shower after the Colonial Athletic Association Championship. They may have actually raised the stakes by temporarily turned their team's radio play-by-play guy's hair blue when they arrived at their team hotel Thursday night. Thankfully, Matt Janus' hair was back to its natural black Friday morning.

This is a group that doesn't take itself too seriously, until they get on the court at least.

Trumae Lucas said "we don't take the excitement we have off the court, onto the court. We don't let off-the-court excitement interfere with how we play in the game. I think we'll be ready for Kentucky come tomorrow."

Kayla Miller will probably dance before the game, but once the "Big Dance" gets going, the seriousness of the Blue Hens come out. But who could blame them for having a little fun on the longest post-season run in program history?

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