April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

By Joe Irizarry 12:11am, April 2, 2013 - Updated 12:17am, April 2, 2013
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This is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the Delaware Children's Department is working with other state agencies in getting the word out to help you identify when a child might be at risk.

Some factors to look for include the obvious unexplained or suspicious cuts, bruises and burns.

With younger kids, they might revert to older habits like thumb sucking, bed wetting and lose the ability to speak at their current level.

Joe Smack is with the State Division of Family Services, and he says there are other factors to look for with older kids.

"Changes in school, grades, their attendance you know falters. Changes in appearance, whether it's hygiene, dressing inappropriately for the season, etc. Those can be signs of neglect."

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Smack adds with teenagers you could see them acting a little more recklessly than normal as well as increased drug and alcohol use.

He says there are ways the various state agencies can help you with identifying the factors.

"There's parenting classes that are available, etc through other state partners that you know of course can be referred to. There's no one particular strategy, but there's a series of steps and things that can be lead to child well-being."

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Smack also says there will be radio ads and billboards throughout the state to raise awareness. For more information click here.

To report any concerns of child abuse you can call 1-800-292-9582.

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