Good health is more than a doctor's visit

By Amy Cherry 5:32pm, April 4, 2013 - Updated 6:16pm, April 4, 2013
Dr. Karyl Rattay, Director of the Del. DPH promotes local programs that are working to improve Delawareans' health.
Good health is more than just an annual visit to your primary care doctor -- that's the main message behind National Public Health Week.

At a celebration at the Henrietta Johnson Medical Center in Southbridge The P.H.A.T program gets a promotional push in a celebration of National Public Health Week at the Henrietta Johnson Medical Center in Southbridge.

The eight-week program targets teens and teaches them about healthy eating and physical activity through hip hop.

P.H.A.T. stands for "Promoting healthy activities together. "But for those, who have not seen these young women dance and seeing the energy around us, it's a really amazing program, and I'm so grateful to Henrietta Johnson for continuing to implement this, and to reach out to people where they are, to these young people," says Dr. Karyl Rattay, director of the state's Division of Public Health.

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The P.H.A.T program is working--with more than 70-percent of participants reporting they eat healthier and drink more water. 100-percent of them are more physically active.

Rattay also highlighted the "5-2-1 Almost None" program which calls for eating five fruits and veggies a day, watching less than two hours of television, and exercising for at least hour a day while cutting sugary drinks. Rattay says the "none part" is often the easiest lifestyle change to make.

"If you think about one extra soda, can equal 15 lbs a year, that can really have a big public health impact on people," says Rattay.

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