Wilmington PD continue gas station skimmer probe

By Peter MacArthur 10:42am, April 8, 2013 - Updated 12:39pm, April 8, 2013
Wilmington Police continue to investigate last week's incident in which a skimmer was found on two gas station pumps.

That device was found inside the pumps and is generally used to relay credit and debit card information to a third party who can then use the information to rack up charges and possibly even steal a person's identity.

Wilmington PD Public Information Officer Mark Ivey says considering where the skimmer was found, it's hard for consumers to protect themselves.

"I know it's a little worrying for some people, especially who may have used this gas station. It can be a little worrisome to know your credit card information could be out there."

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The skimmers were found on two pumps at the Shell station at 4201 N. Market St. Ivey says Wilmington Police will enroll the help of outside agencies, including the Secret Service, to review pump records and other evidence to try to figure out who is responsible for the skimming devices.

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