Lavelle wants answers into state's campaign finance probe

By Amy Cherry 4:43pm, April 8, 2013
Senate Minority Whip Greg Lavelle (R)
It's been nearly two years since the Attorney General's office launched a statewide probe into violations of campaign finance laws after the Chris Tigani case.

Now, Senate Minority Whip Greg Lavelle wants answers for his constituents.

"The rumors about this person, that person, something's going to happen, nothing's going to happen. You know, we should clear the air that no one did anything wrong other than Mr. Tigani, or if it's that not the case to find out what are the results of this almost two-year investigation," says Lavelle.

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Lavelle, a Republican, also adds, this case wasn't pro bono, so the public has a right to know how much the investigation cost.

"I've had a lot of constituents ask me over the past four to five months, 'Where does this investigation stand?' I really think the public is due an update, if not a completed report on where things stand," says Lavelle.

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Attorney General Beau Biden recused himself from the investigation and appointed Supreme Court Justice Norman Veasey to lead it instead.

Lavelle says the fact that nothing's been released on the investigation thus far doesn't necessarily mean there's something to hide, but it doesn't exactly cast the most positive light on elected office.

"I think, and I hope what will come out of this report that if someone has broken the law that they'll figure it out and let us know, and if not it can be put to bed, and that rumor mill that doesn't do much to burnish the reputations for elected officials can then go away," Lavelle says

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The Attorney General's office confirms to WDEL it's received the letter and plans to respond.

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