Temperatures are impacting animals and critters

By Joe Irizarry 12:22am, April 10, 2013 - Updated 12:24am, April 10, 2013
With temperatures going from winter to summer-like this week, how is that impacting local wildlife?

Even though we're in spring, temperatures are not reflecting the season. Frogs had been slow to emerge from winter hibernation until the weather got warmer.

Jim White is with the Delaware Nature Society, and he tells WDEL that turtles have also emerged with the warmer weather.

"Turtles are really starting to come out of hibernation, in fact if you visit any pond in the morning in these kind of conditions where it's been cool at night and then warm as soon as the sun comes up -- you'll see hundreds and sometimes more than hundreds of turtles."

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White adds that the warmer weather has brought out butterflies, wasps and red foxes, too.

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