Is marriage equality bill imminent in Delaware?

By Peter MacArthur 11:37am, April 10, 2013 - Updated 4:00pm, April 10, 2013
With indications that a marriage equality bill could be introduced in Delaware as early as Thursday, a Delaware advocate spoke Wednesday before a U.S. Senate committee exploring the issue.

Lisa Goodman of Equality Delaware says the discussion is constructive as long as it ultimately results in action.

"Because without adopting marriage equality, Delawareans will not be able to have the dignity and protection of marriage. There are over 11 hundred places in the U.S. code where rights and protections are based on spousal status."

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Senator Coons, who sits on the Senate panel briefed by Goodman, says the changes in public opinion on same sex marriage are taking shape in Congress.

"For some, it's a legal argument, for some it's a personal or religious argument, for some it's about federalism and state's rights and the ability of states to control the definition of marriage."

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Coons says other lawmakers have arrived at their decision to support marriage equality through the experiences of their family, friends and colleagues.

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