TELL Delaware: Teachers feel safe in class, but not all have mentors

By Amy Cherry 3:58pm, April 11, 2013 - Updated 5:00pm, April 11, 2013
The majority of Delaware's teachers say they feel safe in the classroom, even after Sandy Hook.

But more than 10-percent of teachers aren't meeting state requirements because they don't have a mentor.

That's some of the key findings in the state's first-ever online anonymous survey: TELL Delaware.

Christopher Ruszkowski is the Chief Officer for the Teacher Leader and Effectiveness Unit with the state Department of Education.

"We have new educators slipping through the cracks, and not getting all the support that they need in their first couple of years of their career, and then we shouldn't be surprised that we don't see the retention rates that we need to see," explains Ruszkowski.

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Ruszkowski says the state, districts, and schools are all responsible for this problem.

The survey also found 80-percent teachers think their schools are a "good place to work."

But the majority of teachers surveyed also don't feel they're getting the professional development they need because it's not individualized. The Delaware Department of Education says that's something they need to work towards changing.

More than 6,000 educators participated in the first-ever anonymous online survey that was administered for a one-month period from January to February.

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