Newark woman to be part of historic Bering Strait relay swim

By Mellany Armstrong 10:58am, April 19, 2013 - Updated 3:44pm, April 19, 2013
Lelane Rossouw-Bancroft, ice swimmer
A Newark woman is getting ready for a historic swim across the Bering Strait this summer.

WDEL's Mellany Armstrong reports.

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Lelane Rossouw-Bancroft is one of 40 swimmers from around the world chosen to make the 2- to 3-day relay swim over 59 miles between Russia and Alaska.

"The swim is considered very extreme, it's pretty rough, and the water temperatures hardly get above 41 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer," she said.

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Most of the swimmers are certified ice swimmers - they have swum a mile in water below 41 degrees. Rossouw-Bancroft says she will have to take some unusual measures to get ready, because the weather is getting warmer.

"I think I'm going to have to do this as often as I can, maybe I'll start my day with an ice bath. A coffee and an ice bath," she said.

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The swim is set for August, and will call attention to international relations among 11 countries. The swimmers also hope to establish a world record.

Get more information on the swim at, and by clicking here.

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