Beach construction on tap for Delaware after Sandy

By Carl Kanefsky 2:13pm, April 30, 2013 - Updated 3:11pm, April 30, 2013
An effort is underway to take Delaware's beaches back to their pre-Hurricane Sandy conditions.

Federal money is on the way to reinforce the Indian River Inlet Bridge and to help restore beaches from Fenwick Island to Lewes.

Senator Carper, who supported legislation to bring the money to Delaware, says the protection the work will provide is vital.

"We're going to have more nor'easters, we'll have probably a hurricane this year. We just want to make sure that we'll have the kind of prevention if you will that well maintained beaches dune structure will provide for those communities," says Carper.

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Carper says in addition to beach repair, work will also be done to reinforce the Indian River Inlet Bridge.

"Part of what the Army Corps of Engineers will be doing is restoring the beach on the north shore of the Indian River Inlet by the bridge, and also building a substantial dune protection facility.

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Carper says the repairs will also serve as an insurance policy for tourism in Sussex County, which brought seven million people, and about $650 million to Delaware last year.

He says all of the work will be finished before this year's hurricane season.

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