Newark police report drop in crime

By Tom Lehman 5:19pm, May 1, 2013
Newark police say crime is down during the first four months of 2013.

The department compared crime statistics between Jan. 1 and April 27 of this year to data from the same time period last year.

Police say robberies are down 46 percent while simple assaults have dropped nearly 55 percent. The department also reports thefts have decreased by 14 percent and criminal mischief has decreased by 14 percent.

MCpl. Bryda says the downtown camera system is contributing to the downward trend.

"It allows us to not only actively monitor and dispatch officers to in progress incidents but also proven invaluable as a post-incident recording of criminal or traffic offenses," Bryda says.

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Since Jan. 1, police say alcohol arrests are up 40 percent, criminal mischief arrests are 122 percent.
Drug arrests have also risen nearly 33 percent.

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