New Sweden to be celebrated with royal visit

By Jim Hilgen 8:08am, May 6, 2013 - Updated 11:34am, May 6, 2013
The King and Queen of Sweden are coming to Delaware to help mark the 375th anniversary of the settlement of the colony of New Sweden.

King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia will be here Saturday in celebration of New Sweden, the first European settlement in the Delaware Valley.

The territory known as New Sweden was centered in Wilmington and extended through Philadelphia as far north as Trenton.

New Sweden Alliance president Sheila Rohmine says the region's Swedish settlers contributed greatly to America's early image.

"We all recognize the image, the icon of the American log cabin. Yet, how many really know that it was technology developed by the Finnish and brought here as part of New Sweden and came into America in that way," Rohmine says.

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"New Sweden was the one that was able to maintain beneficial relationships with the Indians throughout their time and to trade successfully with them, and become the first permanent colony in Delaware," Rohmine says.

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Saturday's festivities include a forum in Philadelphia and a public ceremony at Fort Christina State Park. WDEL will be there.

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