Middletown rezoning withdrawn at town council meeting

By Tom Lehman 10:29pm, May 6, 2013 - Updated 8:20am, May 7, 2013
WDEL's Tom Lehman talks with Middletown Mayor Ken Branner.
A proposed rezoning in Middletown was withdrawn after receiving a lukewarm response from Town Council Monday night.

WDEL's Tom Lehman reports.

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The rezoning would have changed a two-acre area at the southwestern corner of Levels and Patriots Road from Manufacturing zoning to Commercial.

However, Mayor Ken Branner says the developer's proposal didn't fit well with the city's comprehensive development plan for that area of Westtown.

"He wanted apartments up top and retail on the bottom, and that's not consistent with our zoning code of where we are, it's just not there," Branner says.

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Branner says that particular area has been reserved for use as an industrial park, which was a significant portion of the town's comprehensive plan developed earlier this year.

The developer withdrew his request for rezoning after hearing comment from mayor and council.

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