Sandy Hook families push for tougher gun controls in Delaware

By Amy Cherry 10:30pm, May 7, 2013 - Updated 3:18pm, May 8, 2013
Parents who lost their children in the Sandy Hook massacre rally for stronger gun laws in Delaware.

They're getting behind a proposed ban on large capacity magazines and the state's new background checks bill, which will be signed into law Wednesday.

Critics say the measures won't work and criminals will still get their guns. But Nelba Marquez-Greene who lost her daughter Ana in Sandy Hook says that's not an excuse.

"Why, why are we saying if it can't prevent everything we'll do nothing? What we're talking about is common sense. I don't want any other mother to ever have to go through my nightmare, and the reality is eight mother's a day do. So why don't we try?" asks Marquez-Greene.

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The parents say the gun bills don't infringe upon people's Second Amendment rights.

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