WDEL's Amy Cherry goes Over the Edge

By Amy Cherry 12:08am, May 9, 2013 - Updated 4:24pm, May 9, 2013
Watch WDEL's Amy Cherry go Over the Edge for Special Olympics Delaware.
Look up in the sky, and you'll see people rappelling down the side of one of Wilmington's highest office buildings for a good cause.

WDEL's Amy Cherry went over the edge.

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I guess I can't say I'm afraid of heights anymore.

My fears were overcome when I rappelled 17 stories down an office building on Delaware Avenue in downtown Wilmington, all for Special Olympics Delaware.

Before I went down here's a look at what was going through my head while the wind was whipping.

"I'm still alive. The goal is to stay alive," I said.

Despite my good humor, I was nervous. Looking down wasn't an option.

"I have not looked over the edge, and I will not look over the edge. That's the scary part for me.

It was almost my turn.

"What I want you to do now Amy is hold onto anything above you and step up onto that ledge," said the Over the Edge helper.

"Oh God, can I hold onto all those things?" I asked.

"You can hold onto everything you can fit in your hand. Now you ready?"

"No," I said nervously.

My leg was shaking furiously. Apparently, there's a name for that.

"We call that sewing machine leg."

A few more instructions.

"I want you to take these feet and start walking down the wall, but there's a little ledge here. See where my hand is?" she asks.

"Oh God, yeah. Why is that there?"

"I don't know, dog gone architects," she says.

After letting go of my death grip, I was over the edge.

"Oh my God. Hey Sean!"

It felt weird like...I was walking vertically down a building. I was pretty proud of myself. I could imagine my mother...not so much.

"My mom would kill me."

"But you look so awesome!" yelled the Over the Edge staff.

"Worst Mother's Day present ever," I said as I scaled the 17-story building.

It took me nine whole minutes to step over the edge and only 90 seconds to get down.

"Woo! I'm down on solid ground."

For me this was huge.

"I have a huge fear of heights and a huge fear of falling, and for me, I didn't know, when they said you had to take your feet off that ledge -- that was definitely the hardest part. But once you did it, you kind of felt like you were just kind of hanging out in the air."

You too can hang out outside 300 Delaware Avenue all day Thursday and watch people hang out in the air. Raise $1,000 for the Special Olympics Delaware, and next year, you can go over the edge.

This year's Over the Edge event raised $130,000 for Special Olympics Delaware with 97 people rappelling down 17 stories.

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