Charter schools rally at Leg Hall

By Amy Cherry 11:09am, May 9, 2013 - Updated 3:00pm, May 9, 2013
One thousand people crowded Legislative Mall for National Charter Schools Week.

The rally in Dover celebrated school choice and the critical role charter schools play in Delaware's education system.

Kendall Massett, Executive Director of the Delaware Charter Schools Network, tells WDEL about some of the strides local charter schools have made.

"East Side Charter School, they got a new leader over the last couple years, who has just made amazing changes for the kids and for the staff there, giving them the autonomy to do what's needed for the kids in their classroom, and they have made great strides and growth in their proficiency," says Massett.

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Massett says celebrations aside, a secondary goal was to educate legislators.

"They control a lot of what happens in our charter schools because they wrote the law so we want them to see the faces of the kids who are affected by the laws they write," says Massett.

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Earlier this week, the House passed a school choice measure that would be first update to the state's choice program in 15 years.

Newark Charter School's new marching band was part of the pep rally. Gateway Lab School and Moyer Academy brought their drummers. Reach Academy brought their chorus.

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