Del. gay marriage vote could be election issue

By Randall Chase, Associated Press 2:34pm, May 9, 2013
Passage of a bill authorizing gay marriage in Delaware starting July 1 could be campaign issue in the next round of elections for the General Assembly.

But two senators who cast pivotal votes in favor of gay marriage this week say politics was not a factor in their decisions and they aren't concerned about potential fallout come election time.

Sen. Cathy Cloutier, a Wilmington Republican, and Sen. Bethany Hall-Long, a Middletown Democrat, say they listened closely to their constituents and gave careful consideration to the issue before casting their votes.

Both also say they don't think about the possible consequences on being re-elected when they vote on bills.

The gay marriage bill cleared the Senate on a 12-9 vote, receiving one more vote than needed for passage.

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