Life sentences for repeat offenders bill passed in Del. Senate

By Joe Irizarry 12:47am, May 10, 2013 - Updated 1:28pm, May 10, 2013
The state Senate approves legislation that would give life sentences to some repeat offenders.

The bill backed by Smyrna Democratic Senator Bruce Ennis would allow prosecutors to seek life sentences for repeat offenders who use guns in the crime under Delaware's Habitual Offender Law.

Ennis believes the law would be used sparingly.

"Somebody asked how much prison space this bill will create? I don't think it will be a major increase, but it is a deterrent. And if anything we need in this serious crime situation we've been having in Delaware, we need more deterrence," says Ennis.

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The bill which the Senate passed 20-0, now heads to the House for consideration.

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