City Council to vote on Mayor's budget this Thursday

By Tom Lehman 12:15am, May 14, 2013 - Updated 5:42pm, May 14, 2013
Mayor Williams delivers his FY 2014 budget address/WDEL File
Wilmington City Council is set to vote on its revision of Mayor Williams' budget this week.

Both the capital and operating budgets cleared the finance committee Monday and could be approved at Thursday's council meeting.

Council's amended budget for fiscal year 2014 totals $145,565,676 and would produce a $108,000 surplus, approximately the same amount in Williams' proposed budget.

The amended budget also removes $28,000 in raises for three members of Williams' staff, who already received raises or had been working since January.

Council members removed the raises after determining they were inappropriate for various reasons.

The revised budget also restored $250,000 to council's budget for youth programs, education reform and community-based programs. Williams' budget would have placed those funds with the Department of Parks and Recreations and would allocate $15,000 of the amount to each member of council for projects.

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