Plans to restore Gov. Printz Blvd. underway

By Tom Lehman 12:29am, May 16, 2013 - Updated 12:38am, May 16, 2013
Claymont resident Mike Lang, NCCo. Special Services manager Johnathan Husband and County Coucilman discuss the Governor Printz Boulevard interceptor project.
Plans are underway to reopen travel lanes and clear construction equipment on Governor Printz Boulevard this summer.

The proximity of sensitive utility pipes led to the stoppage of work on the sewer interceptor project and New Castle County has been mired in legal action surrounding that issue, says Jonathan Husband, a division manager in New Castle County's Special Services department.

"The county has chose to terminate

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because of the inconvenience to the community has been far greater than we ever expected," Husband says.

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The project began in 2010 and has led to lane closures on both sides of Governor Printz Boulevard. It's part of a larger sewer rehabilitation plan throughout Brandywine Hundred that's already received $150 million in funding.

County Executive Tom Gordon announced last month that the project would be canceled to alleviate inconvenience to residents near the project while new plans were considered.

Husband says the contractor plans to clear the site so the road can be restored. The county is working with DelDOT to have the roadway restored and re-layered, a process that's expected to be completed sometime in September, he says.

About 800 feet of the roadway above segments of the project that had already been completed will be paved and remain even when the project restarts.

For many local residents like Mike Lang of Claymont, the road's current state has been a major source of concern.

"No left turns, cones flying all over the place, people traveling north in the southbound lane trying so they can turn left onto their street," Lang says.

He was among numerous residents who voiced their frustrations during an informational session at the Claymont Community Center Wednesday night.

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County Councilman John Cartier, who represents the areas nearby Governor Printz Boulevard, sympathized with community members concerns.

"I know there's a huge amount of frustration in the room--I know I'm frustrated. I think people in our department of Special Service are frustrated," Cartier says.

Lang says he's pleased to see the road will be returning to its former condition in the upcoming months, even if construction causes closures again in the future.

However, he and other members in attendance at the meeting say the county needs to provide more information about the progress being made on Governor Printz Boulevard.

"You come up with a bad description of that road and that's what it is. It's been a mess," Lang says.

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