Long-term success of Tesla questioned by some in auto industry

By Tom Lehman 10:05pm, May 17, 2013
While Fisker continues to near bankruptcy, electric car producer Tesla has made recent news for posting its first profits.

Washington Post energy reporter Stephen Mufson tells WDEL's Afternoon News while questions have risen over how long Tesla can continue its success, the California-based carmaker is using a different marketing strategy than other automakers.

"The rest of the automobile industry has traditionally tried to get you to hooked on an inexpensive car and as you got older and richer they sold you bigger and more expensive cars," Mufson says.

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Tesla also made news last week after sales of its luxury model car surpassed those of the Chevy Volt.

However, Mufson says Tesla is losing money on its vehicles produced if one disregards the sale of regulatory credits stemming from the company's location in California.

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