Newark celebrates Memorial Day a little early

By Gianna Banner 8:34pm, May 19, 2013 - Updated 5:11am, May 20, 2013
WDEL's Gianna Banner has the story.
The Newark community celebrated Memorial Day a little early as they watched military units march down Main Street Sunday.

WDEL's Gianna Banner has the story.

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Many families, veterans, and community members applauded drills, patriotic sounds, and speakers during the ceremony at Memorial Hall.

The 78th Annual Memorial Day Parade followed after, when groups representing all branches of service, schools, and community and veteran's organizations marched in front of a cheerful crowd.

First-time parade goer Ron Emerson enjoyed the parade with his friend Julie because it was a way for them to pay tribute to their fathers.

"Made me feel, I don't know fantastic that they remembered my father, and Julie's father. My dad was in WWII, and Julie's Dad was in the Vietnam War. Her father just passed very recently, and it was really nice," says Emerson.

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Patrick Rigor was honored to march in the parade.

"We had a chance to show off our school and possibly recruit some new cadets too. The community now has a great view of our military tradition at our school and our wonderful cadets that we have," he says.

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Many onlookers noticed the parade moved in a different direction this year with the ceremony coming before the parade was also a new touch on this year's events.

The celebration with a lot of red, white, and blue takes place the weekend before Memorial Day so military units can join the parade.

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