Wilm. City Council denies Williams' call for special meeting

By Tom Lehman 3:31pm, May 25, 2013 - Updated 11:32pm, May 25, 2013
The budget battle in Wilmington intensifies, despite a looming deadline next week.

Mayor Williams called Friday for city council to meet in a special session this Tuesday for the introduction of an amended operating budget for city lawmakers to consider.

On Thursday, Williams vetoed an amended $145 million budget passed by council earlier this month, saying the spending plan was revised in such a way that it was unconstitutional.

But, Council President Theo Gregory says that won't happen, as both an ordinance and public necessity are required for the mayor to request a special session. He says those circumstances haven't been met.

The council president says members will still meet next Thursday, with only an override of Williams' veto on the agenda.

A two-thirds majority, nine members, will be required to pass the override.

The city charter requires a budget to be in effect by next Friday, May 31.

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