Police conduct SWAT training exercises in Newark

By Alex Garofalo 3:01pm, June 14, 2013 - Updated 4:52pm, June 14, 2013
WDEL's Alex Garofalo has the story.
University of Delaware police and area police departments conducted SWAT training exercises at the University's Harrington Residence Complex Friday.

WDEL's Alex Garofalo reports.

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25 members of the University and Newark Police Departments and 30 members of the New Castle County Police Department participated in the exercises.

UD Chief of Police Patrick Ogden tells WDEL about some of the training exercises.

"We have role players inside and their negotiators are actually negotiating with the role players to try to get them to surrender hostages or to turn themselves in," says Ogden.

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Ogden says the residence complex, which will be vacant for a year to undergo renovations, is perfect for the training exercises.

"Unless you get into a dormitory or unless you get into a school, there are very few buildings that are set up where they have a long hallway and multiple doorways on either side of the hallway and that's important for a SWAT environment," he said.

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Neighbors were notified of the training to prevent any alarm from the heavy police presence.

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