Tips to keep crooks out of your home

By Peter MacArthur 11:28am, June 17, 2013
With the arrival of summer comes an annual increase in home break ins.

The trend isn't limited to Delaware, but Wilmington Police spokesman Corporal Jamaine Crawford says too many residents leave windows open and unlocked when they go out or go to bed and it gives crooks a way in.

He says making sure not to do that is a major rule of thumb to help curb burglaries. He says additional measures can add to the layers of security in your home.

"Security system, something like that and also illuminating your area, having lights in the alleyways, if you have an alleyway..having lights in the back of your house or lights in the front of your house. Something just to deter the criminal from pointing your house out and going to your residence."

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Crawford says a home is broken into about once in every 15 seconds nationwide so check on your home to isolate potential problem spots...and fix them.

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