Police concerned about rash of brash break-ins

By Mellany Armstrong 2:21pm, July 11, 2013
New Castle city police are warning residents to lock doors and windows. There have been six home break-ins since July 6th.

And Lt. Adam Brams says they are happening overnight while people are home.

"This is something that is rather alarming. That it's in the middle of the night, that these people are just helping themselves and walking into your home while you're there. So, to me, that's a wakeup call to lock everything down at night and even during the day," Brams tells WDEL News.

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"We had one resident who actually woke up and was walking to her (coffee) machine at four in the morning and saw somebody in her backyard," Brams says.

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Brams says the burglaries happened between 2nd and 5th streets, and that the suspects went in through unlocked doors and windows and took purses.

Police believe it may be the same person or persons doing the break-ins.

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