Howard H.S. receives $50,000 grant

By Lauren LiBetti 5:08pm, July 18, 2013
Howard High School teacher Ashley Sorenson talks about how they'll use the grant money.
Howard High School receives a grant from the Verizon Foundation to help train teachers to use technology more effectively in the classroom.

The $50,000 dollar grant came at a great time as all students at Howard High received iPads last fall.

Howard High science teacher Ashley Sorenson says the training will help take their iPad learning to the next level.

"It was a massive transition. To watch them and their eyes light up as they realize the things that they would normally do that would take them hours to do, they were able to do very quickly and effectively," Sorenson said.

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Sorenson says the way students learn is changing, and this grant will help teachers better integrate technology into their lessons.

"It takes teachers' knowledge from school and adds technology into it to find the sweet spot that's going to allow them to get the best information and the best ability to learn," Sorenson said.

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Research from the International Society for Technology in Education shows that mobile devices increase student engagement and interest in subjects such as science, mathematics, engineering and technology.

"Having this opportunity and having this additional training is really going to drive our students to the next level and allow them to become true 21st century learners," Sorenson said.

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