Delmarva challenges customers to save energy

By Jessica Guay 5:26pm, July 18, 2013
Simple Energy's Mark Lesiw tells WDEL about the challenge.
Delmarva Power awards $25,000 to six schools in Wilmington.

Delmarva partnered with Simple Energy to create the Energy Challenge game, which tracks energy usage and allows customers to compete by saving energy on behalf of their favorite school.

Mark Lesiw with Simple Energy says the challenge was a way to motivate people to cut back on their energy usage.

"The Delmarva Energy Challenge, the end result was energy savings. We wanted Delmarva customers to have a way for them to understand their energy use and understand things that they can do to reduce their consumption," Lesiw said.

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Mark Pruitt, principal at Conrad Schools of Science, was happy to receive the grand prize of $10,000 for saving the most energy.

"We're going to be putting the money towards an upgrade in technology, specifically, some, hopefully some smart boards in our classrooms," Pruitt said.

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The challenge is now open to residential customers to save energy and win prizes.

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