Does Biden-Clinton breakfast suggest 2016 run?

By Tom Lehman 12:12am, July 31, 2013 - Updated 6:01pm, July 31, 2013
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton applauds during an appearance at University of Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa, Aug. 8, 2012. While at the university, Secretary Clinton delivered a speech on U.S.-South African strategic relations/Officia
Vice President Biden's hosting of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton for breakfast Tuesday morning has caused some to speculate about whether both candidates discussed her rumored 2016 presidential bid.

Politico's Jennifer Epstein tells Delaware's News at Noon it's known that Biden and Clinton ate eggs, fruit and other breakfast foods, but what they actually discussed is unknown.

"The rest is all for us to speculate," Epstein says. "Did they make jokes about 2016? 'Hey are you gonna run Hillary? Are you gonna run Joe? Well only if you don't,' we don't know."

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However she does note that Biden and Clinton ate breakfast together each week during the first term of the Obama administration.

Clinton also met with President Obama just one day earlier, fueling more speculation by some that she is considering a run.

CBS News has also confirmed that the Ready for Hillary super PAC has raised more than a million dollars in an effort to urge her to run.

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