State reacts to Capital One expansion, possible loss of Dole

By Tom Lehman 6:57am, August 4, 2013
Capital One's expansion is welcoming news for some state officials.

WDEL's Tom Lehman has reaction from DEDO's Director.

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Friday, Capital One announced it would hire 170 individuals now and bring that number to a total of 500 by the end of the year.

Economic Development Director Alan Levin tells WDEL the announcement Capital One's hiring intentions was a sign of reassurance from the company.

"We had an agreement with Capital One that they would retain the individuals that were working with ING Direct, plus they would add 500 individuals, on top of that, by 2013.

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Levin says the other positive news from the announcement is that Capitol One isn't going to accept funding from the state.

Meantime, he's disappointed by news that Dole may be shifting its business from the Port of Wilmington to a neighboring port in Paulsboro, NJ.

"We're going for the whole game here, which is really their banana business and also their fruit business. We want the whole thing, which is what we do now," says Levin.

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Other than that, Levin says he can't comment any further. Earlier this week a report in the Philadelphia Inquirer revealed Dole was considering shifting some of its resources to the Paulsboro port, which is under construction that's due to be finished when their contract with the Port of Wilmington expires.

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