DMV responds to complaint with humor, offer to help

By Tom Lehman 2:03am, August 28, 2013 - Updated 2:11am, August 28, 2013
Many state agencies have Twitter accounts, but one of them recently responded to a rude tweet with an offer of helpful customer service and a healthy dose of snark.

WDEL's Tom Lehman explains:

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Mike Williams, who runs communications for the Delaware DMV, came across a message on Monday from an unhappy customer who expressed his displeasure with the agency in a tweet involving a lewd phrase.

"You gotta have that twinge and say, 'Hmm, does this deserve an answer? Or does it deserve to be ignored?" Williams said.

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Williams responded through the DMV's Twitter account that night and told the man that the DMV provides many services to its customers--none of them involving the lewd act mentioned in the initial message--and also offered to help resolve the unspecified problem.

"That guy's still a customer to me. He's still a customer to the DMV," he said. "He's still a customer to the state of Delaware and we want to have him be able to say at some point, 'Despite my initial disappointment, they did help me.'"

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That customer would interact with the DMV's twitter account late Tuesday night, but there's still no word on what exactly prompted the complaint.

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