AG warns of two telephone scams

By Joe Irizarry 1:06pm, August 30, 2013
The Delaware Attorney General's Office is warning you about a pair of phone scams involving phony computer repair calls and fake consumer debit card problems.

In the computer repair scam, victims receive an unsolicited call or e-mail from an alleged well-known technology company claiming your computer is infected with a virus.

Then the scammer would charge you to gain remote access to fix the issue, but instead the remote access would allow the scammer to install malicious software that harvests personal data.

In the other scam, victims would receive calls and texts saying there were problems with their bank's debit cards, and it would direct them to call a number to unlock the card.

Once calling the number, the scammer would obtain their account information to unlock their cards. If you've fallen victim, you should contact your financial institution.

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