Tab for Markell trip to Israel about $62K

By Associated Press 3:39pm, September 3, 2013
Gov. Markell (WDEL/File)
Gov. Markell's recent trip to Israel cost Delaware taxpayers about $62,000.

The News Journal reports the cost of Markell's July trip to Israel is similar to the tabs picked up by taxpayers for his trips to Korea and India.

But the newspaper says the trip to Israel for America's only Jewish governor stands out because the state paid some expenses for business leaders who accompanied Markell after saying they would pay their own way. Also, a Markell spokeswoman traveled at state expense with the governor and with her husband, who is part of the governor's security detail.

Markell says his international trips have produced results, even though Delaware's economy remains sluggish and July's unemployment rate of 7.4 percent was the highest in a year.

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