DNREC Sec. wants more transparency on power bills

By Amy Cherry 5:59pm, September 3, 2013
You've been paying it for months and didn't even know it.

A recent published report finds Delmarva Power customers have been paying a monthly surcharge of $3.87 to Bloom Energy -- that shows up no where on their bill.

It was supposed to be just 67 cents per month as part of a state incentive for Bloom to open up a manufacturing site in Newakr.

DNREC Secretary Collin O'Mara responds to concerns over transparency on WDEL's Rick Jensen Show.

"I agree we need more transparency on the bills, and it's not just for Bloom Energy. The average Delaware resident probably doesn't know that probably about 40 percent of the money they're spending every month on energy bills is going out of state to coal plants that are polluting our air, and they probably don't realize they're spending a lot of money on transmission upgrades and other types of infrastructure improvements," he explains.

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O'Mara says he's actively lobbying for transparency across the board on Delmarva Power bills. He wants customers to see a complete breakdown on exactly where their money is going.

"I'm fully supportive of having a bill that has a lot more information on it that includes everything from the amount you're spending on solar and fuel cells to the amount you're spending on natural gas and nuclear coming from Salem and coming from coal. Let folks have all the information," he says.

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But he says the proposal shouldn't apply to just Bloom.

"Let's be transparent across the board. Let's not pick and choose what we're transparent about. Let's tell folks that they're spending this much on each type of fuel, let's say they're spending this much on different types of infrastructure, this much on administrative overhead, so then folks can see, and then they can raise concerns," says O'Mara.

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