EdWatch: Healthy is what's on the menu at Red Clay schools

By Amy Cherry, Lauren LiBetti 7:40am, September 4, 2013 - Updated 7:45am, September 4, 2013
Jessica Terranova and Jessica Romboch of Red Clay's Nutrition Services speak with WDEL's Amy Cherry about
Getting your child to eat their fruits and vegetables may be a little easier at one Delaware school district.

WDEL's Amy Cherry has more in this week's WDEL Delaware EducationWatch.

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Red Clay is using lunchtime to pave the path for a healthier Delaware. Jessica Rombach is with nutrition services.

"We're hoping these lessons that we're teaching these kids are going to start changing our society and our communities, not just in our schools, but in the way that we eat in the state of Delaware," Rombach says.

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They're serving healthy school meals at a bargain.

Jessica Terranova, manager of Nutrition Services, says for less than two dollars, kids receive a lean protein, dairy product, whole grain, fruit and vegetable.

"A lot of time for some students, this is not only the only time they get fresh fruits and vegetables, but for some it's the only time they may get a chance to eat a warm meal," Terranova says.

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Their Farm to School initiative also introduces kids to local produce like asparagus and peaches.

Terranova says food presentation is one way they get students trying new fruits and vegetables.

"You eat with your eyes first, so we want the products to look appealing. So we when you make it fun for the kids, even the high school kids, I think they appreciate it and they want to try it," Terranova says.

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Red Clay puts a healthy spin on kid's favorite foods - like multi-grain breaded chicken nuggets that are baked instead of fried.

Both Terranova and Rombach hope, some day, they can completely move kids away from processed foods at lunchtime.

"It's a huge shift, but I feel like in ten years we could be there," Terranova says.

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